Instructions for Poster Presenters

Content and format

As a poster presenter, you will get your own virtual Hopin session in which you can deliver your presentation live and answer questions from attendees. You can use this room and time in any way you wish, be it sharing the digital form of a standard poster or showing a short PowerPoint presentation. However, to be considered for the poster competition for undergraduate and graduate students (with cash prizes!), you should follow these guidelines:

  1. Format. Share your screen and show one of the following:

a. A digital version of a typical conference poster (3´ x 3´ or 4´ x 3´ with multiple columns). You can zoom-in and move the view around as needed to ensure attendees can see the figures.

b. A PowerPoint presentation (no more than 10 slides) that contains the information of a typical conference poster. Although this option mimics a short oral presentation, we are considering this a poster presentation since it is given to a limited audience.

2. Presentation. The poster should be presented as if you were at an in-person conference. That is, it should be presented live (not recorded) with attendee interaction and questions expected.

3. Timing. It is recommended that you develop a <10-minute presentation that you will most likely deliver multiple times. Be sure you are in your session room for the entire 75-minute session, since judges will be attending poster presentations throughout the session.

Technical considerations

  1. Accessing your room. You will be able to see your Hopin session under the Sessions tab when your poster session time has arrived. Upon entering your room, click the button to share audio and video. Then, to share your screen, click the icon depicting a screen with a line through it, select your presentation window, and click share. It is recommended you enter your session a few minutes early to ensure your audio and video is working properly.

  1. Your attendees. Your Hopin session will be unmoderated, meaning you do not have to let attendees into the room or enable their cameras/microphones. Rather, attendees can enter and leave at will and turn their own cameras and microphones on. Your session can have up to 10 (including you) participants - folks who can have their cameras and microphones on - at a time. However, an unlimited number of additional folks can observe the presentation.

  1. Abstract. The abstract for your poster will be in the abstract book and also at the bottom of the screen in your session room.

  1. Bandwidth. If you experience issues like poor video quality or an inability to share your screen, ask folks in your booth to unshare their camera/mic (have them click the Leave button). Fewer streaming videos will improve the quality. Also consider using a hard-wired connection (Ethernet) rather than WiFi.