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7:45 AM       Registration and Breakfast

8:25 AM       Opening Remarks. Program Chair: Martin St. Maurice, Marquette University

8:30 AM       Session 1. Session Chair: Paul D. Cook, Grand Valley State University

8:30 AM       Nick Reiter, Marquette University
Defining the nucleic acid interactions and molecular recognition properties of the histone lysine specific demethylase 1 (LSD1) enzyme complex.
9:00 AM       Matthew Dent, University of Wisconsin – Madison
EPR spectroscopy as a probe of hydrogen bonding in thiolate-ligated hemoproteins
9:30 AM       Matthew Moschitto, Northwestern University
Design, synthesis, and mechanistic insight into potent inhibitors of GABA and ornithine aminotransferase for the treatment of epilepsy, addiction and cancer.

10:00 AM      Coffee Break

10:30 AM      Session 2. Session Chair: Kayunta Johnson-Winters, University of Texas at Arlington

10:30 AM      Graeme Howe, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
18O Kinetic isotope effects reveal an associative transition state for the phosphite dehydrogenase catalyzed phosphoryl transfer
11:00 AM      Saurja DasGupta, University of Chicago
RNA Catalysis: a journey toward complexity
11:30 AM      Jessica Swanson, University of Chicago
Multiscale kinetic modeling: Integrating simulation and experiment to characterize complex mechanisms

12:00 PM      Lunch Break - Pizza and non-alcoholic drinks provided. Silverman Hall

12:30 PM      Poster Session 1 - Pizza and non-alcoholic drinks provided. Silverman Hall

2:00 PM        Session 3. Session Chair: David Frick – University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

2:00 PM        Kelsey Kalous, Medical College of Wisconsin
Regulation of human sirtuin deacylase activity by cellular oxidants
2:30 PM        Nina Wolf, University of Illinois at Chicago
High-resolution structure of ClpC 1-rufomycin provides framework to design and optimize anti-TB lead
3:00 PM        N. Cecilia Martinez-Gomez, Michigan State University
Unraveling rare earth dependent metabolism: from enzymes to ecosystems

3:30 PM         Poster Session 2 - Beer and wine provided

5:00 PM          Keynote Session. Session Chair: Nicole Koropatkin, University of Michigan
5:00 PM          Hazel Holden, University of Wisconsin – Madison
The biosynthesis of N-formylated sugars in pathogenic bacteria

5:55 PM        Announcement of Poster Awards. Program vice-chair: Nick Silvaggi, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
6:00 PM        Closing remarks. Local arrangements chair, Rick Silverman, Northwestern University