Program of Events

7:30 AM

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Registration and Breakfast

8:25 AM

Opening Remarks by Program Chair, Nick Silvaggi, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

8:30 AM

Session 1


Session Chair: Erin Taylor, Southwestern University

8:30 AM

Rebecca L. Switzer, Bucknell University


Disease-Associated Mutations G589A and V590F Relieve RFTS-mediated Autoinhibition of DNA Methyltransferase 1

9:00 AM

Christopher J. Reinhardt, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

An Activity-based Sensing Approach for Monitoring Cyclooxygenase-2 in Live Cells

9:30 AM

Vatsal Purohit, Purdue University

Time-resolved crystallographic measurements elucidating the mechanism of bacterial HMG-CoA reductase



10:00 AM

Coffee Break



10:30 AM

Session 2


Session Chair: Audrey Lamb, University of Kansas

10:30 AM

Brett A. Beaupre, Loyola University Chicago


A Seemingly Unnecessarily Elaborate Dehydrogenase

11:00 AM

April Keiko Kaneshiro, University of Michigan

Investigating the Mechanism of Ferulic Acid Decarboxylase (FDC1)

11:30 AM

Xuan Fang, Illinois Institute of Technology

Kinetic and Structural Characterization of V. cholerae Flavin Transferase ApbE



12:00 PM

Lunch Break. Sandwiches and non-alcoholic drinks provided



12:30 PM

Poster Session 1


Lunch continues…



2:00 PM

Session 3


Session Chair: Elizabeth Trimmer, Grinnell College

2:00 PM

Lara E. Zetzsche, University of Michigan

Engineering biocatalysts for selective C–C bond formation

2:30 PM

H. Diessel Duan, University of Kentucky

A four-leaf clover: The unique 726 nm band in FixAB responds to both FADs, Tyr37 and C174A

3:00 PM

Danyun Zeng, Marquette University

Distinct structural modules exist within the N-terminus of LSD1 and differentially interact with mononucleosomes



3:30 PM

Poster Session 2


Hors d’oeuvres provided; Limited bar (beer and wine) beginning at 4:00 per IIT alcohol policy


5:00 PM

Keynote Session


Session Chair: Rick Silverman, Northwestern University

5:00 PM

Shahriar Mobashery, University of Notre Dame

Cell-Wall Recycling in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and the Nexus to Antibiotic Resistance



5:55 PM

Announcement of Poster Awards and closing remarks


Oscar Juarez, Local Arrangements Chair, Illinois Institute of Technology