Registration Deadline: October 14, 2020

You can register to attend this conference using this form: Registration Link. Abstract submission is now closed. 

At the time of registration you can choose to purchase a T-shirt commemorating our first virtual MECC. 

T-shift view

If you want a shirt, you have to do two things:

  1. Give your name, address, and shirt size selection on the Registration Link.
  2. Pay for your shirt ($23) separately, via PayPal. You can either do this 
    • as described on the Registration form (PayPal only, but may be useful if you're buying for a lot of people);
    • use the special payment button below. If you use the custom PayPal button, we need to match your payment with the information given in step 1. Be sure to use the same NAME and SIZE as you registered for to help us match your payment to your Registration information. NOTE: If you try to use a credit card, PayPal seems pretty fussy. You apparently can't use a debit card or a credit card already linked to a PayPal account, or make any errors in matching your billing address.
    • IF ALL ELSE FAILS: log into PayPal and send $23 to and be sure to let us know the name on the registration. The size might be a good idea too. If you have a choice between using your PayPal balance and a credit card, please use the former as we won't have to pay a credit card service fee. 

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