Lunch is not provided by the Midwest Enzyme Chemistry Conference.

Lunch will be from 12:10PM until 1:30PM (1 h 20 min)

Details on close, local options.

Closest Diner (across the street from conference hall) "Simpson Diner"


Second closest "de Nobili Diner"


Third closest "Damen Diner"


and then "Damen Food Court"


All are within 3-4 minutes walking distance. With the exception of the food court, the rest are buffet.



Restaurants                                        Cuisine                                    Address                                               Distance

Clarkes                                                American                              6431 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago                 0.1 mile

Uncommon Ground                            American/Organic                    401 W Devon Ave, Chicago‎                  0.5 mile

Ann Sather                                          American breakfast/brunch     1147 W Granville Ave, Chicago             0.3 mile

 Five Guys                                            Burger                                    6477 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago               0.2 mile

Potbelly Sandwich Shop                     Sandwich                                 6464 N. Sheridan Rd, Chicago              0.2 mile

63 Bar and Grill                                   Bar & Grill                                6341 N Broadway, Chicago                    0.2 mile

Waterfront Café                                  Sandwich/Salad                        219 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago                  0.3 mile

Moody's pub                                        Irish Pub/Burger                       5910 N Broadway St, Chicago               0.6 mile

Pork Shoppe                                       Barbecue                                  5721 N Clark St, Chicago                       1.5 miles

 Pete’s Pizzeria Bakehouse                 Pizza                                       1100 W Granville Ave, Chicago                0.3 mile

Giodano’s                                            Pizza                                       6836 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago                   0.6 mile

 bopNgrill                                              Asian Fusion                           6604 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago                   0.5 mile

Nori                                                     Japanese/Thai                         1235 W Devon Ave, Chicago                      0.3 mile

Thai Grill and Noodle Bar                   Thai                                         1040 W Granville Ave, Chicago‎                   0.3 mile

Pasteur                                                Vietnamese French                5525 N Broadway St, Chicago‎                     1.1 miles

Le’s Pho                                              Vietnamese Pho                      4925 N Broadway St, Chicago                    1.9 miles

Lao Sze Chuan                                   Chinese (Spicy)                       4832 N Broadway, Chicago                         2.2 miles

 Taqueria Susupuato                           Mexican                                   8N Broadway St, Chicago                           0.3 mile

Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant          Ethiopian                                 6120 N Broadway St, Chicago                     0.4 mile

Taste of Peru                                      Peruvian                                  6545 N Clark St, Chicago                            0.9 mile

Sabri Nihari                                         Indian                                      2502 W Devon Ave, Chicago                      1.8 miles


Other Fast Foods in walking distance:

Jimmy Johns, Popeye, McDonald, Subway, and Chipotle